‘The Atlantic’ is officially, irredeemably partisan (If it can’t tolerate Kevin Williamson, it can’t tolerate any conservative)

Donald Trump broke The Atlantic. One of the last remaining sophisticated, left-wing outlets—indeed, one of the last physical magazines to which I and other conservatives I know still subscribe—has decayed into a monthly mélange of shallow leftist tripe. While the ideological crescendo has built over many months, today’s firing of conservative columnist Kevin Williamson seals the outlet’s fate: The Atlantic has become irredeemably partisan.

(Article by Michael J. Knowles republished from DailyWire.com)

The magazine fired Williamson just weeks after hiring the veteran conservative columnist away from National Review over his suggestion years ago that the law treat perpetrators abortion of abortion as murderers. In a tweet and on a podcast in 2014, Williamson suggested that women who perpetrate abortions be hanged. Never mind that later in that same podcast Williamson pointed out that he’s “kind of squishy on capital punishment in general,” making clear his intention to describe the moral similarity between abortion and murder rather than the social importance of hanging women who have had abortions. Never mind also that The Atlantic continues to employ Ta Nehisi Coates, who once attacked 9/11 first responders as “menaces” and advocated violence against the police. The scum-sucking vultures at the radical leftist group Media Matters seized on Williamson’s the comments, pressured The Atlantic to fire its newest hire, and the magazine quickly complied.

If The Atlantic can’t tolerate Kevin Williamson, it can’t tolerate any conservative. Williamson is intellectual, literary, elitist, and vehemently anti-Trump—in other words, he’s the sort of conservative The Atlantic would hire. The magazine’s capitulation to the far-Left completes a months-long process of decay that began with the election of Donald Trump.

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