Infowars’ Alex Jones “invades the DC Swamp” in defense of free speech; vows to fight SLAP filings aimed at shutting him down

Popular radio and TV host Alex Jones, founder of Infowars, “invaded” the Washington, D.C. “swamp” on Tuesday to hold a press conference aimed at drawing attention to the rising censorship of pro-Trump media as well as a series of retaliatory lawsuits aimed at shutting him down.

During a presentation followed by a question-and-answer session, Jones — along with longtime Trump advisor Roger Stone and investigative journalist Dr. Jerome Corsi, among others — laid out in detail how media supportive of the president are being targeted for destruction by the Left’s media, political, social, and cultural apparatuses.

In addition, Jones and his presenters said that the battle against what is amounting to outright censorship by the big Left-leaning social media giants — Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter — is not one independent media can afford to lose.

Infowars, along with other news organizations that either support President Donald Trump or skew to the right, are increasingly being hit with “SLAP” cases — Strategic Lawsuit Against Participation filings — that “are designed to take people out of the public realm of debate,” Jones noted. They are “harassment lawsuits” financed by Left-wing billionaire George Soros and other ideologically similar groups aimed at shutting down speech and limiting information the public gets on a range of issues. (Related: Health Ranger Mike Adams fills in for Alex Jones to warn about the “online ethnic cleansing” happening now.)

One case, in particular, was filed by Brendan Gilmore, a witness to the incident in Charlottesville, North Carolina last year involving a car that rammed a group of protestors who gathered from the Alt-Left and Alt-Right to demonstrate for and against the removal of a Confederate monument in a nearby park.  One person was killed; more than a dozen others were injured.

Gilmore, a State Department Foreign Service Officer, filed suit against Infowars and The Gateway Pundit after they publicized a video of the incident Gilmore uploaded to social media. The suit claims that “within 24 hours of uploading his video onto Twitter, the Defendants’ first blog posts about Mr. Gilmore appeared online, accusing him of being a CIA or ‘deep state’ operative.”

As reported by The Washington Times: 

Specifically the lawsuit lists as defendants Alex Jones, his Infowars website and its parent company, Free Speech Systems, LLC; former Breitbart News writer Lee Stranahan; Infowars reporter Lee Ann McAdoo; Gateway Pundit publisher Jim Hoft; former U.S. Congressman Allen B. West; and bloggers Scott Creighton and Derrick Wilburn.

Jones addressed the suit at his press conference. 

“It’s incredible who is funding this lawsuit,” he said, adding that it “looks like it was written by a three-year-old.”

“It’s bizarre how they take this Soros money and use it, but it is designed to overturn the First Amendment” or, at a minimum, make it moot for right-leaning publishers and media, he added.

In addressing the press, Stone said that “2016 was the year in which the mainstream media lost their hammerlock, their complete monopoly on political discourse” in the U.S. “Donald Trump’s election, in fact, the entire sea change in American politics, was only made possible through a robust, vibrant alternative media allowed through an unfettered Internet.” 

He noted further that the gatekeepers of the “free and open Internet seek to put the toothpaste back in the tube” by shutting out anyone who opposes their views and ideology. He also said that the Left is using “lawfare and censorship” to shut down opposition media.

Dr. Jerome Corsi, a correspondent for Infowars, added that “we are at the beginning of what is going to be a second American revolution.”

The author of the new book, “Killing the Deep State,” noted further that the FBI raid against Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, was “thuggery” and part of the overall effort to shut down political opposition.


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