ZERO media outrage when migrants died under the custody of the Obama administration

In the wake of another migrant child’s death, the left-wing media has been lambasting the Trump administration. Despite the fact that these children were put into danger by their own families, mainstream news outlets have been quick to lay blame solely at the feet of President Trump. The loss of a child is always a tragedy, but the propagandists didn’t seem to mind when immigrant children were dying under Obama’s watch.

Over a dozen migrants lost their lives while in the care of the Obama administration, and nary a peep was heard from the “outraged” media. Of course, what else would you expect from the dishonest establishment media? The Left is doing everything in their power to make Trump look like the bad guy and push their anti-American agenda.

Media launches outrage campaign

Eight-year-old Felipe Alonzo-Gomez passed away shortly before Christmas, a few days after being apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border. Reports indicate that Felipe was showing signs of illness, prompting officials to send him and his father to a hospital for evaluation. The boy was diagnosed with a cold and a fever, given a prescription and sent back. Around 7 o’clock that evening, Felipe starting feeling nauseous and threw up.

Felipe’s father reportedly declined further medical care at that time. Hours later, the child was still unwell and border patrol officials made the decision to send Felipe and his father back to the hospital. On the way there, Felipe began vomiting and lost consciousness. He was pronounced dead shortly before midnight.

Earlier in December, a young girl from Guatemala died three days after being apprehended by border patrol.

The left-wing has heavily insinuated that the deaths of these two children are directly the fault of the Trump administration, with some even going so far as to insinuate these kids were killed on purpose. Media pundits have criticized the conditions at border patrol facilities, seemingly neglecting the fact that illegal immigration already costs the United States billions of dollars.

The Trump administration has made it clear they are doing everything in their power to provide adequate care to thousands of migrants on a budget. The simple truth is that this country cannot afford to spend unlimited amounts of money rolling out the red carpet for people who enter this country illegally. It is truly disturbing that liberals today can’t seem to understand that facilities and medical care are all things that cost money— and that these things are all paid for with tax-payer money. There are limited funds available, and our country already has a massive debt it will likely never pay off.

To make matters even worse, the Left is also calling for “full rights” for illegal immigrants and demanding an end to jail time and deportation for migrants. Newsflash: Entering the U.S. illegally is a crime. That’s what “illegal” means. Most western nations have laws regulating immigration and protecting their borders. This is not something specific to the United States; the moral outrage over protected borders is nothing but a sham movement intended to push the globalist agenda.

The media doesn’t care about the deaths of these children; they didn’t care who died while Obama was in office. They are using these tragedies for political gain.

So in addition to demanding that the country bankrupt itself even further to provide the best care to an untold number of illegal aliens, the Left is also calling for open borders and full rights for migrants. Should the United States sacrifice itself for the sake of illegal immigration? Ultimately, that’s what the Left is asking for.

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