Covington Catholic student caught up in bogus “racist” incident with Native American provocateur BEGS local media to print the truth

Unlike Americans today, unless you live in a deep blue, far-Left, Democrat-dominated part of the country, our founding fathers had first-hand experience with tyranny. 

King George brooked no discourse and did not tolerate dissent. And he most certainly did not favor a free press, which is why our founders enshrined that principle as part of the very first amendment to our Constitution.

Our founders expected that American newspapers and news organizations would use the First Amendment to speak truth to power and hold those in government accountable regardless of who held office. But now, more than 230 years later, the modern “mainstream media” (MSM) has become little more than a propaganda organ for one political party, the Democrats.

Though the MSM has certainly trended Left for decades, in the age of POTUS Donald Trump the establishment press has shed any remaining semblance of fairness and obligation to hold all of those in power to account. That was in evidence again this past weekend as one MSM outlet after another lined up to perpetuate a lie so massive that a victimized teen was forced to beg the media to report the truth.

Over the weekend pro-life groups gathered in Washington, D.C., to engage in other First Amendment-protected rights, the freedom of assembly and freedom of expression. Their “March For Life” recognized and celebrated the value of all human life in the eyes of the Christian God and others who simply value each and every person. 

As in the past, the March For Life drew counter-protesters — groups who align more closely, politically, with the MSM’s anti-life position. At one point, teenage students from the Covington (Kentucky) Catholic High School, some of whom were wearing “MAGA” hats, were confronted by a small gaggle of Native Americans led by a seasoned provocateur, Nathan Phillips, who also claims to be a Vietnam veteran though there is some question as to the validity of that claim.

Establishment media caught a moment on video when Phillips approached one of the Covington students and began banging a drum inches from his face as the student simply smiled — a conscious choice so as not to create a scene.

His restraint did not matter; the MSM reported the contact as the mostly white Catholic boys ‘confronting’ poor, harmless, elderly Native Americans in a moment of racism and bigotry.

Victims of societal abuse should not have to BEG the media to cover their situation fairly

It was a lie. None of that was true. Video taken by bystanders at the time proved that. But still, for a time, the MSM persisted with their fabricated narrative, which led to threats of violence and other actions against the student and his peers. (Related: “Bombshell” BuzzFeed story asserting Trump-Russia collusion turns out to be yet more fake news from the desperate Left.)

The situation became so tense and untenable a friend of the student who was directly confronted by Phillips was forced to write a desperate appeal to local media outlet WKRC to essentially beg the station to report the truth. 

After explaining the incident to the station, the student also noted that no one participated “in any physical or verbal abuse, did not chant ‘build the wall’ or mock or anything of the like, and did not seek to incite violence.” 

“After that initial occurrence,” the student continued in an email to the station, “we were then verbally assaulted by four or five African-American men who called us ‘faggots’ and berated one of our African-American students for being friends with us. 

“I pray that you read this and can speak for us who are silenced by the media,” the email letter continued, which also contained links to videos on Twitter and other social media proving that what the student claimed was accurate. 

Several MSM outlets ran with headlines and stories wrongly disparaging the group of Catholic students before any of them had ever bothered to get their side of the story — so much so that school officials issued an apology to Phillips and threatened to expel the kids he confronted. 

The lesson here is simple: If an aggrieved party has to beg the media to report truthfully on an incident, we’ve strayed a long way from our founders’ idea of a free press with the power to speak truth to power and comfort those who have been wrongly afflicted.

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