CNN continues to play the role of chief Democrat media propagandist by purposefully labeling racist Virginia governor a “Republican”

The Cable News Network has suffered steady ratings declines since it began having to compete with other cable channels in the late 1990s and early 2000s, with by far its biggest competitor being Fox News.

But there’s another reason why CNN’s ratings have tanked in recent years: Rank partisanship and dishonesty.

CNN’s coverage has always been slanted against Republicans, but in the age of POTUS Donald Trump, the bias has gone off the rails. The network and its various hosts have called the president everything from a bigot and a racist to a KKK supporter to a Nazi. Besides that, CNN has published one “fake news” story after another in the network’s never-ending attempt to convince viewers that the president is a Manchurian candidate working on behalf of Russia.

The dumpster fire that is CNN raged again on Friday, as the network botched — intentionally? — its coverage of racist Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam of Virginia.

This is the epitome of journalistic malpractice

In reporting on a photo on Northam’s page in his 1984 medical school yearbook featuring one person in blackface and another dressed in KKK robes and a hood, the network’s chyron below the story misidentified Northam as a Republican.

Breitbart News reported that the chyron aired around 9 p.m. EDT during “Anderson Cooper 360,” as Northam addressed the highly controversial yearbook photo (and he has since claimed he’s not sure he’s actually in the picture).

As the video of Northam’s too little, too late apology ran, CNN identified Northam with an “R” next to his name rather than a “D.”

As this story went viral on Friday, it stretches credulity to think CNN simply made a mistake. Identifying a fellow traveler Democrat as a Republican had to be on purpose, especially given the network’s investment in painting only POTUS Trump and the GOP as racist bigots. 

Whatever credibility remained at CNN it is long gone. This latest stunt just proves, again, that there is no journalistic integrity there.

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