Left-wing kook David Brooks blames the fake news media’s nonstop coverage of the Russian collusion hoax on President Trump and Sean Hannity

For an American cultural and political commentator, David Brooks makes a pretty good…Canadian.

Described as a “center-right” politico who hails from Toronto but has resided for years in Washington, D.C., Brooks used his New York Times forum to blame two people who are the least responsible for perpetuating the “Russian collusion” hoax that special counsel Robert Mueller finally, 18 months hence, has put to bed.

Writing in the fake news paper of record, Brooks actually blamed POTUS Donald Trump (the target of the hoax) and Fox News’ host/commentator Sean Hannity for the “mainstream” media’s scandalous two-year perpetuation of an Obama-era fabrication designed to accomplish two things: Undermine a duly-elected president and drive him from office.

Brooks attempts to shift the blame for the perpetuation of the hoax by blaming “all” of us, adding that “Sean Hannity-style Trumpians” must “apologize” for “peddling the sort of deep cynicism that undermines our country’s institutions.”

Seriously, how far out of the realm of the rational do you have to be to think like this? Answer: Pretty far.

Brooks is claiming that the president, Hannity, and their supporters are just as much to blame as media organizations like the Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, and all the rest for peddling the lie and for essentially trafficking in fake news. 

Has Brooks been hanging out in Colorado, California, or Washington state? What has he been smoking? 

It wasn’t Trump and Hannity or “Trumpians” who were feeding one lie after another to news organizations in an attempt to convince as many Americans as possible that the Russian collusion fabrication was in fact real. (Related: Devin Nunes promising COUNTERATTACK against POTUS coup plotters and Clinton operatives who perpetuated Russian collusion hoax.)

It was members of the Deep State intelligence and federal law enforcement agencies who fed the press the lies — and they bought each and every one of them. In fact, POTUS and Hannity ought to be credited for pushing back against the hoax practically from day one. Hannity himself, featuring several guests over the months, broke several stories exposing the hoax — which publications like Brooks’ NYTimes summarily ignored.

There is no ‘all of us,’ there are only hoaxers and the rest of us

While stating that Democrats and former CIA Director — and chief sponsor of the hoax — John Brennan owe the president an apology, he goes onto write:

Republicans and the Sean Hannity-style Trumpians might also approach this moment with an attitude of humility and honest self-examination. For two years they’ve been calling the Mueller investigation a witch hunt. For two years they’ve been spreading the libel that there are no honest brokers in Washington. It’s all a deep-state conspiracy, a swamp. They should apologize for peddling the sort of deep cynicism that undermines our country’s institutions.

The fact is, the institutions he speaks of are responsible for sowing the mistrust. Ranking members of the Justice Department and FBI, as well as the CIA, NSA, and other intelligence agencies — all under Obama, by the way — are responsible not only for concocting the collusion theory out of thin air, but of keeping the lie alive with selective leaks that an unserious, uncurious mainstream media repeated verbatim.

That’s not the fault of Republicans or the president, and to suggest otherwise is farcical.

No, the Deep Staters and the institutions they besmirched earned every bit of derision and mistrust they now endure. We kept hearing all along about how ‘rank-and-file’ personnel in these agencies and departments were upstanding men and women, but we never heard from them throughout this ordeal. They, it seems, were too concerned about their careers to do the right thing and expose the hoax.

Meanwhile, the other ‘institution’ that has lost all credibility is the propaganda media Brooks represents. Without its willing assistance, the hoax would have died long ago.

How dare Brooks try to blame this country-dividing charade on “all” of us. There is no “all;” there’s just the perpetrators of the hoax and the rest of us. 

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