FAKE NEWS: All the networks that reported ‘You can keep your doctor’ or blamed the DNC email hack on the Russians were knowingly spewing fake news

With everybody suddenly talking about “fake news” vs. real news, it’s notable to point out that fake news is every network that reported the Russians hacked the DNC emails. That wild, loony tunes conspiracy theory was backed by absolutely nothing. Not a single shred of evidence… yet it was bandied about by the mainstream media as if it were irrefutable fact. Hillary Clinton even claimed, during a presidential debate, that Donald Trump was working with Putin!

The problem, you see, is that The New York Times has openly admitted it is willing to lie to make sure conservative candidates are defeated in elections. So the Times fabricates false facts, then publishes them as if they were true. From there, the rest of the obedient left-wing media repeats the lies, citing the NYT as their source.

And that’s how total fabrications become “facts” in the minds of the delusional left. Once the lie is in the NYT, all the obedient “fact checker” websites declare the lie to be true as well, and from there it finds its way into late night TV, comedy shows, local newspapers and social media.

It is this “echo chamber” of opinionated lies that the left absurdly sees as objective truth. And because the psychological impact of all these lies is so deeply embedded in the minds of the masses — achieving a kind of hypnosis hallucination — these very same people see factual, objective reporting as “fake news” because it contradicts the lies they hold in their heads.

Actual truth is rejected by the hypnotized minds that have been manipulated by the lying mainstream media

So any website that reports obvious, factual truths — such as the fact that Obama’s birth certificate document really was faked (using multiple layers of Photoshop that the fakers forgot to collapse into a single final layer) — that true facts appear to the hypnotized masses as “fake.” Meanwhile, these same delusional people will readily believe almost any conspiracy theory about the Russians as long as it originates with the left-wing media. So the NYT, WashPost, USA Today, NPR and CNN can all fabricate almost anything they want — even if it’s completely loony tunes — and their readers will dutifully believe it because that’s the way they’ve been programmed.

Remember “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor?” Every media organization that reported the lie is also in the business of fake news. Obamacare was a deception from the very start. Even its own architect Jonathan Gruber has openly admitted that the whole thing was sold to the “stupid voters” by deceiving them from day one.

And yet every single mainstream media website gleefully reported all the lies about Obamacare, including absurd claims that the government-run medical system would reduce average health insurance costs by $2500 while providing improved care, increased doctor choices and greater job security. In reality, as I had warned year after year, Obamacare has caused massive job losses, huge increases in health insurance costs for tens of millions of Americans, and it has forced people into limited choices for doctors and medical procedures. Yet when I was warning America about all those things years ago, I would be accused of being a “liar” who contradicted the “truth” of the New York Times (which is a dishonest, pro-Obama propaganda machine).

The left-wing media lies by default because every “news” story is actually just propaganda pretending to be news

The biggest realization of all is that the mainstream media doesn’t even TRY to tell the truth. By default, every story they run is a propaganda piece, and they hold back all the stories they don’t want you to see.

The left-wing media is, by any reasonable definition, a massive fake news propaganda machine pretending to be engaged in journalism. Almost everything they report is false or distorted, from their pro-vaccine, pro-GMO, pro-pharma propaganda parade to their hit pieces on truth-tellers like Donald Trump. The very people running the mainstream media at the highest levels are seditious, anti-American traitors who, as I’ve said many times, need to be arrested, indicted and prosecuted for sedition.

The left-wing media is not just fake, it’s maliciously dangerous to this nation. By pursuing a coordinated campaign of lies, collusion and misinformation, they managed to hypnotize nearly half the country into voting for Hillary Clinton, a murderous war criminal and sellout who would have likely thrust America into a nuclear war with Russia (even according to Russia’s own political leaders).

Why the “fake news” mainstream media is such a danger to America

The danger of the left-wing fake news system is that fake news becomes a system of fake beliefs in the minds of the populace, and those fake beliefs turn into REAL action such as Black Lives Matter protests, racial animosity, death threats against Donald Trump and the beatings of innocent white people simply because their skin is white. It is the fake news “mainstream media” system in America today that has given rise to division, disunity, violence and distrust.

The fake news institutions of America, in other words — CNN, NYT, WashPost, etc. — are tearing America apart at the seams.

Would you be surprised if I told you that was their mission from the very start? It’s all by design, my friends, because the real war being waged right now is the war against your mind.

Watch my mini-documentary to understand more: The War on Reality, shown below. And if you’re ready to be awakened with REAL news, read NaturalNews.com and NewsTarget.com. We are the new media that TRIES to tell the truth in every story. While we aren’t perfect in our accuracy, we never deliberately lie to our readers like the mainstream media does every day, on purpose.


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