Media unabashedly pushing grossly fake news to cover for CNN reporter Jim Acosta after he lost his press credentials for “putting hands” on White House intern

The least-watched cable news channel is also the oldest, but CNN’s steady decline in popularity from the heady days of the first Gulf War in 1991, when its correspondents covered U.S. and allied bombing attacks under siege in Baghdad, is due to conscious decisions the network has made through the years.

One of the most damaging has been to transform the network from a hard news organization into a Democratic Party propaganda outlet. In other words, CNN has become the same as every other “establishment” media outlet, leaving viewers plenty of other options if all they care about is having their liberal/progressive views substantiated.

CNN has completely gone off the journalistic deep end in the age of POTUS Donald Trump, as evidenced by the manner in which its correspondents talk about and speak to the president. 

One of the worst offenders is White House Correspondent Jim Acosta, who had his press credentials suspended on Wednesday because he tussled with a White House intern who tried to take back a microphone after POTUS Trump finished with him and sought to move onto another reporter. (Related: HA! Trump SHUTS DOWN Jim Acosta at UK presser: ‘He’s fake news’.)

Here’s the video, explained by Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson:

Two things are clear:

— The female White House intern is acting on instructions of the president;

— Jim Acosta physically prevented her from taking the microphone.

One other thing is historically true: Jim Acosta behaves more like a paid protester during question-and-answer sessions with both the president and his press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, than a journalist. He never treated President Obama this way, nor did any of his establishment press colleagues.

After his credentials were rightfully and justifiably pulled, CNN and the same establishment press are attempting to distort the obvious visual evidence in order to defend his indefensible behavior, as The Daily Caller pointed out.

Alternately, the establishment press claimed: 

Sanders “lied” when she said Acosta put his “hands on” the intern. The video evidence clearly shows this happening. But even so, what Acosta did was a direct violation of normal White House press corps decorum and procedures; as soon as the intern went for the mic, Acosta should have simply handed it over. 

Trump’s behavior is awful, so why should Acosta maintain decorum? First of all, simply deeming the president’s behavior as “bad” is a subjective call. Tens of millions of Americans who watch him speak every day don’t think his behavior is “bad.” They would say he is plain-spoken and says things liberals don’t want to hear. Also, most other WH press corps reporters behave themselves and act with decorum, so why should Acosta be permitted to break the norms?

The woman is only an intern. Wow, really? Because in this #MeToo era, like Watson said, aren’t we supposed to believe and defend all women? Besides, she is a part of the official White House staff responsible for conducting press corps events.

Gosh, he was just trying to “ask a question.” No, he wasn’t. The first words out of his mouth were, “I’m going to challenge you.” From there, he began to lecture the president about a term he uses for the migrant caravan — invasion. He’s the president. He can characterize it any way he chooses.

From that point, after POTUS gave the intern the signal to take the mic and hand it to the next reporter he called on, Acosta should have surrendered it. Period. 

He should now be banned permanently. That’s not an ‘assault on the First Amendment’ because CNN will be free to assign someone more willing to follow the well-established rules to cover the White House.

It’s an assault on bad behavior. 

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