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It’s been almost two years since Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election, and the leftist media is still going insane on a daily basis over pretty much everything our president says or does. But let’s not forget the fact that this same media worked really hard, and ultimately failed, to throw the election for Hillary Clinton.

In the following flashback news clip from July 16, 2016, from, watch as CNN correspondent Brianna Keilar is cut off by her own network simply for addressing some statements made by Hillary at a campaign event she held in Springfield, Illinois.

Because Keilar’s statements didn’t reflect well on Hillary, exposing the failed presidential candidate for being a hypocrite on matters related to criminal justice reform, CNN dropped her from the airwaves, its in-studio correspondents pretending as though Keilar’s feed simply got “lost.”

“But largely, Hillary Clinton’s comments here today, John, were based around the recent violence that we have seen: the police-involved shootings of black men in Minnesota, in Louisiana, and then the killing of white police officers by a black gunman in Dallas,” Keiler is heard stating. “That was really what she based her comments around today.”

“Hillary Clinton has some vulnerabilities herself, even as she calls for criminal justice reform, because of her support in the 1990s for anti-crime legislation that ultimately helped contribute to this era of mass incarceration that she now speaks out against …,” Keiler adds, before the screen turns to black in an instance.

“Oh no, we just lost Brianna Keilar who was in Springfield, Illinois, where Hillary Clinton just spoke,” one of the CNN talking heads then states, acting as if it was all just one big coincidence.

Remember when CNN cut off Congressman Chris Collins for mention Wikileaks?

CNN did the exact same thing to Congressman Chris Collins (R-NY) during an interview he attempted to give that same year with CNN’s Chris Cuomo – though, in this case, the censorship was even more hilariously obvious.

When asked by Cuomo what he thought that Donald Trump needed to do to “come out on top,” referring at the time to winning the election, Rep. Collins had this to say:

“Well, on the character issue, two-thirds or more of the public knows that Hillary Clinton is a liar. She can’t be trusted. And now the two faces of Hillary Clinton are coming out. The fact, through Wikileaks, that she says one thing, and …,” Rep. Collins states before the screen suddenly turns to the television color test pattern, complete with tonal sound.

“Oh no,” Cuomo hilariously responds with pathetically poor acting. “Alright, let’s see if we can get Congressman Collins back. Obviously we just lost his satellite feed. That sucks,” Cuomo adds.

Watch for yourself this ridiculous segment below:

These are just two examples among many of CNN’s fake news shenanigans, and solid proof to substantiate why CNN has long been referred to as the “Clinton News Network.”

This leftist, fake news empire has proven to the sane world that it has no interest in reporting actual news, but would rather act as the ministry of propaganda for entrenched leftist politicians like Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Clinton Family Crime Cartel.

It’s also why President Trump has been so outspoken in condemning CNN as the leader of the fake news brigade – a mouthpiece for crony politicians that covers up their evil deeds on the daily without shame.

For more evidence that fake news is everywhere these days, masquerading as “progressive voices,” be sure to check out

Also, check out this other video at featuring a former Secret Service agent who spilled the beans about the real Hillary Clinton that fake news outlets like CNN try their hardest to keep from getting public exposure.

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