The leftist mainstream media loves China and Cuba but hates Taiwan and America

At this point, can we all just accept the fact that the mainstream media hates the United States of America? That isn’t such an unbelievable comment to make anymore, is it? By constantly attacking traditional American values while praising communism, socialism, and Sharia Law, it definitely gives the impression that not only do these people hope that our country “progresses” far past the point of comfort, but also that it collapses on top of itself.

After a week of praising Fidel Castro and communist Cuba, the mainstream media now has the audacity to throw insults towards Taiwan, a country that has been following in America’s footsteps. So how can they justify giving props to an evil dictator who has destroyed the country of Cuba while enslaving many of its citizens?

Gina Loudon of WND breaks it down better than anyone, stating, “The left is able to ignore the fact that the closest we ever came to nuclear war on this planet was when Castro worked with the Soviet Union to place nuclear missiles in Cuba meant to destroy the United States. They also turn a blind eye to the untold numbers of Cuban political prisoners. The left criticizes Donald Trump for his mean tweets about the press while it eulogizes a dictator who murdered and imprisoned members of the press who were critical of the Castro regime.” Seeing the hypocrisy spelled out like this makes it more obvious than ever. The Regressive Left doesn’t abide by their own standards.

They endlessly attack the United States for every measly little issue that pops up in the country, but when it comes to Cuba — a country that is filled with economic and societal problems due to its communist state — they ignore everything. This is absolute madness, people. The mainstream media has gone off the deep end in a way that is probably impossible to come back from. How can we ever take them seriously again after having experienced this? We can’t just forget that they have praised Castro to this degree. It is game over for them.

While anyone who is paying attention will most definitely write off the mainstream media forever, it is still important that we point out just how awful these people are. For the average American — the people who aren’t concerned with the state of politics in the country — it’s up to us to inform them of what is really going on here. We have to show them that the people who are reporting the news are America-hating communists — and that’s no joke.



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