Facebook to become delusional news bubble “echo chamber” for clueless liberals

After failing to push Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton over the finish line, in part by engaging in the distribution of news stories skewed against her primary rival, President-elect Donald J. Trump, the crybabies at Facebook, Google and other large social media platforms have chosen censorship as a means of dealing with her defeat.

As reported by Business Insider, Facebook plans develop a new feature that will only promote curated news content from publishers directly in the news feed, according to two people familiar with the budding project as well as internal documentation seen by the news site.

The feature will be called “Collections” and it essentially will function much like Snapchat’s Discover section, which only showcases news stories, listicles, videos and other content that has been submitted by cherry-picked media partners.

In other words, Facebook plans to filter out any news that its Left-wing founder and his editors don’t like. That would be conservative outlets and the Alternative Media, which is independent and not beholden to corporate/political interests.

In recent weeks, Business Insider continued, Facebook officials have approached entertainment and media companies to create content for Collections. However, the social media giant has yet to announce a timetable for when the handpicked content will become available to users. BI noted that Facebook officials declined to comment on the report.

Tinfoil hat conspiracy theories from the lamestream media

The initiative to create Collections comes as it seeks to keep the so-called “mainstream” corporate media relevant while crowding out what it and the rest of the lamestreams have deemed “fake news.” The company has faced “criticism” from the corporate media for its alleged promotion of “fake news stories” that the Washington Post – in one of the shoddiest pieces of reporting ever – incredibly claimed that hundreds of alternative media sites were spreading Russian propaganda aimed at preventing Clinton from winning the White House.

Talk about your tinfoil hat conspiracy theories.

But this entire “fake news” issue is the biggest straw man to be constructed in the wake of Clinton’s historic second loss. The narrative goes something like this: ‘If there weren’t so many news and information sites out there pushing false propaganda created by the Kremlin, then Hillary would have won hands-down. She didn’t because too many Americans believed all that fake news!’

Right. ‘Fake’ news like:

— Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, used their family’s foundation to rake in tens of millions of dollars by essentially selling access (and her potential presidency) to the highest foreign bidder. Heck, even the Washington Post said so.

— Hillary, as secretary of state, and Bill, as a former president with influence, used their foundation to rake in cash while (with Obama’s help) giving away one-fifth of all strategic U.S. uranium reserves (the ore used in the manufacture of nuclear weapons) to the Russians. Heck, even The New York Times said so.

— The Clinton team and Democratic Party operatives were involved in sabotaging her primary rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., as his popularity grew. The WikiLeaks email dumps proved that.

— Hillary Clinton was criminally negligent in setting up her own private email server to conduct State Department business, exposing highly classified material on several occasions – material that was likely hacked by several foreign governments. Though he didn’t recommend she be indicted, even FBI Director James Comey laid out the case as to why she should’ve been.

The REAL social media sites are uncensored

These stories and dozens more—all documented in this NewsTarget.com special investigation—are not “fake” but as genuine as they come. Once upon a time, even the lamestream media agreed because, like others of us in the independent media, reported them.

But after she lost, suddenly it was the alternative media’s fault—spreading all that Russian propaganda, don’t you know.

Facebook won’t be the only major social media company to begin censoring unfavorable news content about political ideology, issues and figures its Left-wing editors “approve” of or support. The rest will follow suit.

The good news is, there are alternatives for web browsers who like to use social media to spread all information—good or bad—without censorship. Share.NaturalNews.com is a rapidly growing social media platform that you can use in private and without any fear of having yours or anyone else’s information censored. And, of course, for searching, there is GoodGopher.com.

The only way to take the power away from the big social media companies is to abandon them.






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