China launching propaganda media network at home to ‘spread influence’ while Communist-owned Forbes serves Beijing’s interests in the U.S.?

Just days after the November election, the Washington Post published a fake news story claiming that Russia used this website and a couple hundred others as “propaganda” mouthpieces with the goal of hurting Hillary Clinton and helping Donald J. Trump.

While the story was immediately debunked and denounced as another example of journo-terrorism by a once-revered newspaper that has long since surrendered any semblance of credibility, it nevertheless highlighted a very common tactic used by intelligence agencies for decades: Attempting to use media as a propaganda tool with the goal of spreading influence to advance an agenda.

Russia most certainly uses this technique—though the Post’s claims, which came from a shady, never-before-heard-of group, that our site and the others listed by the shady group were bunk—as does the United States.

And China.

China launching a ‘rebranding’ effort as Forbes gets bought by a Chinese investment firm

In fact, in recent days, Reuters reported that the state-run propaganda media organ China Central Television, the largest and most influential in the country, plans to launch a new global media platform “to help re-brand China overseas.” In other words, lie about Beijing’s goals, intentions and foreign policy objectives.

The new multilingual news agency will have six TV channels, a division that will be publishing a video newsletter, and a new media division. In addition, the venture will see the CCTV channel renamed the China Global Television Network, a benevolent-sounding title aimed at taking some of the stigma away from all things China.

This is just the latest move by China to expand its existing “soft power” projection. The economic powerhouse has also launched a new English-language media outlet, while auditioning international public relations firms to help with its branding strategy.

The effort is part of President Xi Jinping’s goal of state media putting China in a better light internationally—even as the country weaponizes the South China Sea through the expansion and occupation of man-made islands hundreds of miles from its internationally-recognized Economic Exclusion Zone.

Xi wants state media to portray China in a way that allows it to become influential globally, adding that onshore media portals still have to follow the Communist party line while promoting “positive propaganda as the main theme.”

Why? Because China can’t tell the truth about its real intentions. And neither, it seems, can Forbes, the China-owned media company that once again trashed Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, in another attempt to use media as a propaganda tool–to spread influence and advance an agenda.

In recent days Forbes took yet another shot at Adams in its latest attempt to discredit one of the Internet’s foremost authorities on health news and information that doesn’t toe the corporate media or health industry line.

In many ways, as Adams noted in a recent story, the effort backfired: Scores of readers came out in support of Adams, of his scientific chops, and of our website in particular.

Speaking of Natural News, the Website, at least ours is financially solvent (thanks mainly to the support of our millions of readers, by the way). Forbes Media, however, had to sell most of its family-owned business just to stay afloat, and the only one interested was a Chinese investment firm based in Hong Kong.

Starting to get the picture?

How much editorial control does $300 million buy?

As reported by Breitbart in July 2014, Integrated Asset Management, founded by Tak Cheung Yam, bought a controlling stake in Forbes Media for a price north of $300 million. What makes this sale even more noteworthy is that the magazine and its properties were on the sale block for some eight months before the Chinese investment firm stepped in and made an offer.

In other words, no one else saw much use or advantage in buying Forbes Media, which had been peeling off and selling portions of assets held by the 100-year-old company for years. But someone in Communist China saw an opportunity.

As for the magazine’s and website’s content, CEO and editor-in-chief Steve Forbes insists that he and his editorial staff retain editorial control, but ask yourself a question: If you’re a majority stakeholder in a media company in which you just laid down $300 million to purchase a controlling interest, are you going to let someone else decide what gets published all the time, or are you going to have a say in it?

As Adams noted:

No wonder the publication hates American patriots (and truth in general). Now, it functions more like a Red China propaganda rag than anything resembling a legitimate news organization. While much of the left-wing media in America is currently accusing independent media of being run by the Russians, the deeper truth is that is run by the communist Chinese, and one of its propaganda goals has been to target and attack U.S. patriots who support the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and scientific truth.

In truth, Forbes is populated by writers and editors who have little-to-no scientific background when it comes to natural treatment of disease processes. The magazine’s ad revenues are in part dependent upon “establishment” industries, so to promote anything outside of establishment positions on food, medicine and science would be anathema to those advertisers—even though, as Adams pointed out, he has facts and scientific research on his side.

Communist Chinese investors, meanwhile, wouldn’t plunk down $300 million on a dying magazine ‘empire’ if they thought they were going to lose that investment by offending those big-dollar corporate and establishment health, food, Big Pharma and medicine advertisers.

So hence, the latest hit piece.

Are Forbes critics even schooled in natural medicine?

Here’s an example. In the Forbes article, the writer quotes a biotech-linked geneticist named Layla ‘Biochica’ Katiraee, who makes the claim that “Natural News has routinely peddled incorrect information” to mislead readers “in attempts to sell its nutritional supplements and organic goods” that “Adams claims protects consumers from a wide range of maladies…” But note that people like Katiraee are very ignorant of nutritional science; they believe substances like chemical-laced pesticides and herbicides are completely safe and in unlimited quantities.

But it’s their training and education. They have been ‘educated’ by establishment health and medicine systems that shun natural cures and treatments for the high-profit, high-dollar Big Pharma and medical industries profiting wildly by keeping people sick.

Clearly the Chinese investment firm wants a return on its money. And Forbes Media officials are intent on ensuring that happens, even if they have to resort to propaganda to turn a profit.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for Natural News and News Target, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.



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