#SaveNaturalNews White House petition blasts through 40,000 signatures as internet outrage against Google censorship explodes everywhere

First they came for ME… will they come for YOU next?

The internet is in an uproar over Google’s outrageous censorship of the entire Natural News website for obvious political reasons.

As a Natural News investigation has exhaustively shown, Google’s supposed “justification” for censoring the entire Natural News website was nothing more than a third party ad script inserted by a blogger onto 13 blog pages from 2013 – 2013 under the subdomain blogs.naturalnews.com. The exact same script has now been identified running on Blogspot.com — owned by Google — yet Google has taken no action to blacklist the entire Blogspot.com domain.

Google’s rules, it seems, don’t apply to Google. Is anyone surprised?

Even more astonishingly, Natural News has found that writers for sites like CNN, HuffPo, BuzzFeed, Forbes and Mashable are selling outbound links in violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines. Yet none of these sites are subjected to wholesale censorship by Google. It turns out that anti-Trump website are clearly receiving a sort of special protection from Google, which protects them from the kind of blacklisting being applied to pro-Trump websites such as Natural News.

In barely more than a day, over 40,000 people have signed the White House petition demanding a federal investigation into the anti-trust, monopolistic and anti-free-speech practices of Google. Click here to sign the petition now. (Share the link everywhere and help us get to 100K signatures.)

It’s now so obvious that Google is selectively targeting Natural News for censorship based on its content that even SEO analysts are getting fed up. As one SEO analyst stated about Google’s practices in a Google forums thread, “You destroy businesses, people, families, and you don’t care. This is pure Evil and monopoly, nothing else.”

Even SEO analysts who disagree with Natural News content are recognizing Google’s nefarious actions for what they truly are: Politically motivated censorship.

“America Must Stand with Alex Jones and Mike Adams”

Geopolitical analyst Dave Hodges says “America Must Stand with Alex Jones and Mike Adams,” as both of us have been viciously censored, smeared, economically sabotaged and relentlessly attacked solely because of our pro-Trump, anti-GMO and anti-mercury stance to protect children from dangerous vaccine ingredients.

From TheCommonsenseShow.com:

Google is systematically taking down the Independent Media prior to launching a major event.

Google must be stopped.

Presently, Mike Adams and Alex Jones are under attack from Google. They have been banned without reason or provocation!

Google is moving towards the creation of a news environment  in which your only choice will be between CNN and FOX.

You will have a choice. America must stand with Mike Adams and Alex Jones and stop the Gestapo tactics of Google.  Watch this short video and then take action.

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