Breitbart’s reporting is successfully causing harm to Soros’s European agenda

Breitbart News is quickly becoming one of the most popular conservative news outlets in America today. In November of last year, reported that the site achieved record numbers, generating over 240 million page views and 37 million unique visitors during the previous month. Larry Solov, President and CEO of Breitbart News, said of the record numbers at the time, “While several publishers have enjoyed an uptick in traffic due to election coverage, we are proud to have built a massive and deeply-rooted community that will remain long after the election cycle fades.”

Indeed, Breitbart has been incredibly successful in having a significant impact on our country. Just as the site’s founder Andrew Breitbart did years earlier, when launches an initiative or movement of some kind, it almost always results in positive effects. Last year, Kelloggs announced that they were pulling all of their advertising from as a result of conservative readers not being “aligned with our values as a company.” In response, Breitbart launched a mass petition against the company and encouraged readers to boycott Kellogg’s products.

Just a few months later, USA Today reported that the company was preparing to lay off more than 1,100 employees. Additionally, Kellogg’s CEO John Bryant announced a $53 million loss in the fourth quarter, though to be fair, the CEO claimed the plummeting stocks were unrelated to Breitbart’s boycott efforts. Still, the fact that Breitbart’s boycott of Kelloggs began just months before the company suffered losses is very coincidental… almost too coincidental.

Now, investigations launched by Breitbart News into George Soros’ global network reveals that the conservative website is contributing to the negative atmosphere Soros has been experiencing as of late in Europe. (RELATED: You won’t believe the irony in what Soros recently called Donald Trump.)

Politico reported on Tuesday that Breitbart News, which they falsely labeled an “alt-right website,” has played a significant role in exposing Soros and his network. “The American alt-right website Breitbart, formerly run by Stephen Bannon, now White House chief strategist, has long fixated on Soros, accusing him of trying to bring down Europe’s borders, furthering the migrant crisis and funding Trump’s opponents,” Politico said.

The left leaning publication went on to say that Breitbart’s efforts have already been effective. “These efforts have already borne fruit,” they write. “Two letters, one signed by Republican Senator Mike Lee and the other by six House Republicans, were sent to the U.S. Mission in Macedonia in mid-January inquiring about U.S. funding for Open Society Foundation projects in Macedonia.”

Lately, anti-Soros sentiments have been on the rise in Romania, Poland, Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and numerous other European nations. (RELATED: Should George Soros be put in prison?)

It is worth noting that five years ago this month, Andrew Breitbart passed away after collapsing suddenly while walking in Brentwood, California. He was rushed to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, where he was later pronounced dead just shortly after midnight.

Andrew Breitbart was a man who believed in small government conservatism, but even more than that, he believed in the American people. On countless occasions, Andrew would encourage the people to become the new media, effectively bypassing the lies and propaganda endlessly perpetuated by the talking heads on cable news. One of his most notable achievements was his effort to defend the conservative Tea Party from the left’s endless charges of racism and bigotry.

Above all else, Andrew Breitbart was a fighter. He viewed modern day politics as an ongoing war between the conservative right and the big government, authoritarian liberal left. There is no doubt that Andrew would be proud of the work that his news site is accomplishing today, and although his voice was silenced five years ago, in many ways it is louder than it ever has been.


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