BUSTED: NY Times video editor ADMITS anti-Trump bias in latest Project Veritas undercover sting

James O’Keefe and his investigative media organization, Project Veritas, are continuing their efforts to expose the Left-wing bias of the so-called “mainstream media,” this time snagging a video of an editor for The New York Times who admitted on camera his prejudice against President Donald J. Trump and his family.

In a press-and-video release, the organization announced that the Times’ video gatekeeper, Nicholas Dudich, was caught boasting of his extreme lack of journalistic ethics — which is not only journalistic malpractice but also violations of the Timesown handbook for how its editorial staff should behave.

“Dudich, who serves as Audience Strategy Editor, displays a lack of integrity throughout the video,” the press release said, noting further that Dudich is the one who manages all of the Times‘ social media video postings on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and elsewhere.

In one part of the video, Dudich tells the PV journalist that he “will be objective” in his coverage of the president, but then quickly mouths, “No I’m not,” and says, “That’s why I’m here.” He put the word objective in air quotes. (Related: Project Veritas’ O’Keefe teases biggest media investigation ever: ‘People will be fired.’)

It should be noted that the Timesown Ethical Handbook states, in Sect. 62, “Journalists… must do nothing that might raise questions about their professional neutrality or that of The Times.”

As for his reach and influence, Dudich said that his “imprint is on every video we do,” suggesting that his biases are inserted into the Times’ video products that the video chief summarily markets.

As noted by PJ Media, Dudich also said he has, in the past, worked for the presidential campaigns of President Obama in 2008 and 2012, and again on Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016. “So I have that background,” he told the undercover PV journalist. He added that when Clinton needed a volunteer video strategist, he was recruited to help them made a “heartfelt” video for her.

There’s more. Dudich is also a bit of a fabricator, to put it mildly. He told the PV journalist that he was the godson of former FBI Director James Comey, but when Project Veritas’ journalist went to Duduch’s father to verify that, the father said his son was “embellishing” — a fancy word for “lying.”

When the journalist confronted Dudich with what she had learned from his father, he said he didn’t know why he made it up other than it was “a good story.”

These nuggets are also contained in the video:

— Dudich said he had to quit his job as a journalist to work for the Clinton campaign. “I had to leave my job at Fusion ABC to then take a job at Upworthy where I wasn’t deemed a journalist anymore to be able to work for the Clinton campaign,” he said.

— As to what motivated him to return to journalism following Clinton’s loss to Trump, he said, “Like, after the Clinton campaign, I’m like, no, I need to get back into news and keep doing s**t because, like, this isn’t going to change” — a reference to Trump’s victory.

— Asked how he plots and schemes against Trump in order to bring him down, Dudich said, “I’d target his businesses, his dumb f**k of a son, Donald Jr., and Eric, so they’re running Trump, like, the Trump business … And you put pressure on his business and you start investigating his business and you start shutting it down. … He cares about his business more than he cares about being president … he would resign. Or he’d lash out and do something incredibly illegal, which he would have to.”

Project Veritas’ latest expose, “American Pravda,” is airing exclusively on the One America News Network. The Dudich embarrassment comes after O’Keefe’s undercover journalists exposed CNN hosts and editors as heavily biased against Trump.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for NaturalNews.com and NewsTarget.com, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

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