No, Politico, Tuesday’s election results do NOT amount to a “Democratic wave” as Trump and the GOP lost NO ground

To hear the “mainstream media” tell it, Tuesday’s special elections around the country not only amounted to a “Democratic wave,” they spelled the beginning of the end of the Trump era and Republicans in general.

While this manufactured narrative was pervasive throughout most of the Left-wing legacy outlets, one of them — Politico — stood out to me because this is a website that is supposed to be staffed by political experts who are there to ‘explain politics’ as they happen, not make up stories as they go along.

But that’s exactly what the site did following Tuesday’s election results, in which several Democratic candidates did actually win elections. But the problem with the narrative is that it’s completely disingenuous because Democrats were either supposed to win these elections or did no damage to the Republican Party or President Donald J. Trump in the process of winning.

On Thursday Politico lamented that “conservative media” largely ignored the Democratic victories — er, sorry, “Democratic romps” — in Virginia, New York, and New Jersey, reporting:

Fox News host Sean Hannity was flogged on the internet Tuesday night for spending just six seconds on his broadcast discussing the Democratic electoral victories in Virginia and New Jersey. But when it came to Tuesday’s elections, his show was not the only conservative platform to downplay the results.

First off, Hannity is regularly “flogged” on Twitter because Left-wing hacks are much better Internet warriors than actual warriors. But more than that, Politico went on to note that the “Democratic triumphs dominated other newscasts,” as though that revelation is supposed to be some sort of qualifier, given that “other newscasts” are reliably Left-wing supporters of the Democratic Party.

But taking the story at its face value, the dominant point here isn’t that “Democrats won!!!” and “Donald Trump’s on his way out!!!” — it’s that Democrats won in races they were supposed to win. (Related: Hysterical left-wingers go insane over President Trump feeding koi fish in Japan… because Democrat journalists are stupid.)

Consider the Virginia gubernatorial race. There, Democratic candidate Ralph Northam defeated Republican challenger Ed Gillispie. So what? For starters, a Democrat will be replacing a Democrat in the governor’s mansion, current Gov. Terry McAuliffe. Secondly, Trump didn’t win Virginia, Hillary Clinton did. And the fact that more Democrats defeated Republican incumbents in the Virginia House of Delegates is less emblematic of anti-Trump fervor than the fact that Virginia, home to George Washington, is increasingly dominated by far-Left socialists.

How about New Jersey? Gov. Chris Christie was a Republican, so why didn’t the GOP candidate win there? For starters, Christie’s win was a fluke; New Jersey is about as deep blue as it gets, having been dominated by Democrats for years (which is why the state is in such pitiful economic shape). It’s also a state that did not go for Trump. Plus, Christie was scandal-ridden so it made sense that Democrat Phil Murphy would defeat Christie’s Republican Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno.

And the New York City mayoral race? Why wouldn’t New Yorkers reelect Bill DeBlasio? Like him, most New Yorkers adore big government nanny state socialism, as evidenced by the fact that Chuck Schumer is their senator (and the other kook is Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand).

New York also didn’t go for Trump — Clinton won the state handily.

The point is, the Democrats did not advance their cause, advance their agenda, or advance anti-Trumpism. You don’t get to claim that when you win elections you’re supposed to win.

Meanwhile, nothing at all has changed in the 30 states Trump did win. Little changed as far as the 1,000-plus state legislative seats Democrats lost in the age of Obama. And Republicans continue to hold majorities in both chambers of Congress.

No, there wasn’t a “Democratic wave” election on Tuesday because none of the elections were supposed to be won by Republicans. And nothing changed anyway.

This idea that it was a “wave” is a completely manufactured narrative by the “fake news” ‘mainstream’ media. And so-called “conservative” media didn’t report the wave because it isn’t real.

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