This is CNN: The more FAKE NEWS the network publishes, the more you’re supposed to TRUST them

In one of the most outrageous defenses so far of CNN’s chronic bad habit of publishing fake news regarding the Trump administration, one of the network’s “analysts” actually suggested that the more fake reports CNN publishes, the more you should believe them.

Honest-to-goodness, folks, you just can’t make this up.

Over the weekend the network’s ‘media explainer,’ Brian Stelter, whose show is misnamed “Reliable Sources,” had a pair of guests on to help explain away the network’s latest phony ‘bombshell’ — last week’s report that the Trump campaign was provided early access to an email trove “stolen” from Democrats by “Russia.”

Only, within hours of publishing its latest attempt to “prove” the completely bogus “Trump-Russia collusion” narrative, the story fell apart when it was discovered that simple dates had been misreported because they were never verified, which is what reporters are supposed to do with “bombshell” reports before they go live.

But did CNN and the other media idiots who parroted the BS ever bother to explain how the original reporting was so wrong? No. And not only that, The Most Trusted Name in News™ over the weekend concocted such lame excuses for why the story was wrong that it makes real reporters and serious journalists like those of us here blush with embarrassment.

As The Daily Caller reported, Stelter “trotted out Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein and anti-Trump pundit David Frum, both of whom avoided discussing how CNN got its story wrong. Instead, they focused on President Trump, calling him a ‘serial liar.’”

Riiiight. Trump’s the liar, says the most distrustful name in news.

These losers went on to not only excuse CNN’s bombshell lie but one of them — Frum, a former Bush administration official — even suggested that because the network is so wrong, so often, we should trust them more than ever.

“Look, reporters, journalists make mistakes,” said Bernstein, a paid CNN hack and veteran of Watergate — the latter of which was a great story and which Bernstein and his fellow reporters made damn sure was correct BEFORE they published a word of it.

“Our record as journalists in covering this Trump story and the Russian story is pretty good, especially compared to the record of Donald Trump and his serial lying,” he added. “Attacking the press is the basic element that too many demagogues in our culture have used to whip up this cold civil war, and especially to appeal to the base of the President of the United States.”

“Pretty good?” What’s pretty good even mean? Because for one, there is no Trump-Russia story. There’s a Hillary Clinton-Russia story, and a very documentable one, but Bernstein and the rest of the media glitterati don’t want to have anything to do with it.

Furthermore, when you’re covering a story with major political ramifications — if Russia really did “steal the election for Trump” that’d be a very big deal — doesn’t ALL of your reporting on it have to be spot-on? That is, if you want to be taken seriously and credibly?

Of course it does! Reporting for a story like this can’t just be “pretty good,” it’s got to be top-notch and very good unless your true objective isn’t to be factual or right but merely to continue pushing innuendo, allegations, and suppositions rather than facts.

As for “attacking the press,” “the press” attacks this president every single day, and usually, as we’ve seen time and time again, without any facts. That’s the real threat to our democracy, not Trump calling out liars when he sees them. (Related: Here’s proof that 91 percent of DEMOCRATS are clueless dupes because all they watch and read is FAKE news.)

Then Frum actually had the temerity to say this: “The mistakes are precisely the reason the people should trust the media.”


“The worst mistakes that press organizations have made in their coverage of Trump has precisely occurred in their overzealous effort to be fair to the president,” he added.

What really stings about that statement is not the stupidity of the “expert” but the fact that he thinks we are stupid enough to believe him. Because ask yourself this question: When does lying and reporting fake news do a service to the president? How is that “fair” to him?

Oh, and how many times — in trying to be “fair” to Obama — did this same group of idiots publish fake news that was damaging to him.

I’ll tell you how many times: Zero.

The lunacy of this entire program segment is almost boundless, but it demonstrates perfectly why outside of an airport, CNN is about as popular as the black plague. And for very good reason.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

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