THIS is why we won’t “solve” problem of school shootings: American Pravda media can’t even be honest about reporting on GUNS

For the longest time, I believed that the primary reason why the so-called “mainstream media” could never get its reporting right when it came to guns — how they work, what they are and are not capable of, even correctly identifying them — was due to an inherent ignorance about firearms.

Most of them were from the city, I figured, and as such never spent much time around guns and never joined the military. So how would they know?

But then I came to the realization that the supposed lack of knowledge about guns may be true on a personal level for most reporters, but that wasn’t why they so regularly got their reporting about guns and the uses of a firearm wrong. These news agencies have investigative staff who spend a lot of time researching issues for reporters and broadcasters who are trying to learn more about a subject; so there’s no excuse for them not to know about something as common as a firearm.

So it had to be something else, and I believe it is: Anti-Second Amendment bias. That helps explain why, before the bodies are even cold, the American Pravda media goes all-out to demonize firearms and intentionally misinform readers and viewers after every mass shooting.

And that’s why we’ll never be able to solve the societal dilemma of school shootings — which never used to occur before the far Left took control over our primary education, academic institutions, and pop culture.

Take CNN for instance. Following the most recent horrific shootings at a Florida high school, the network sent out a tweet claiming that Floridians can “conceal carry” … rifles and shotguns.

Conceal carry rifles…and shotguns.

Just. Wow.

The network also tweeted out that in Florida “you can buy as many guns as you want at one time, because Florida doesn’t regulate” purchases, like it doesn’t require its citizens to obtain a government-issued, government-approved permit to engage in a constitutional right. (Related: Florida mass shooting: Another deranged individual obsessed with guns, violence and “resistance.”)

These are some of the most inane, pointless observations I have seen thus far in all the breathless Pravda coverage of this latest incident, but I didn’t really expect anything different because that’s what the Left-wing Pravda media in America does — it’s a circular loop of gun hate and blaming Republicans (and President Trump) because it’s more important for these idiots to score political points than actually try to find a solution to this problem.

Which is why it won’t ever get solved as long as the Pravda media has one iota of influence in America.

Anyone who dares to suggest a possible solution that doesn’t comport with the Pravda media’s Marxist, control-freak sensibilities is shouted down and labeled a kook, a fanatic, and a ‘threat.’

Ideas like armed school ‘marshals.’ Or arming teachers and school staff. Or protecting schools like we protect our money at banks. Mandatory mental exams of anyone who posts threatening messages on social media (like the latest shooter did). And so on.

There are a lot of ideas out there — some good, some not so good — but we’re never going to get to a solution so long as the idiot partisans in the Democratic Party and Pravda media continue to demonize the gun and not the cause of the act or the act itself.

Or even report accurately on firearms — which not only includes properly identifying them but also includes reporting on how they can also save lives, in addition to taking them (which is why cops carry guns).

If you’re like me, you’re tired of seeing our school children shot like fish in a barrel.

But you’re more tired of partisans and biased media going out of their way to not identify the real issues surrounding these shootings because they’re too focused on the “forks make you fat” theory.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

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